We like to offer you as much transparency as possible. Naturally this affects the costs of our services.

Basic protection for UK personal bankruptcy

  • Help/Advice at your residence: €1000
  • Help and organization of telephone bills, TV licence, shopping: €1000
  • Help/Advice on UK Council Tax: €1000
  • Help/Advice on National Insurance number: €1000
  • Help/Advice on UK Medical Cart: €1000

Get the most out of all our advice and choose the all-in-one package for basic protection: €4000

During the UK personal bankruptcy

  • Advice/Letting agency for flats and accommodation: €500
  • Help/Advice for tenancy agreements (citizens): €1000
  • Help/Advice on listing daily living costs: €1000

Complete all-in-one package offering advice and help during UK personal bankruptcy: €2000

Filing for UK personal bankruptcy:

  • Help/Advice in completing the form: €500
  • Finding a lawyer, if necessary: €800
  • Accompaniment to court hearing: €500

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most important steps; be sure you’re doing it correctly with our all-in-one package: €1200

Accompaniment, advice and other services for UK personal bankruptcy:

  • Job search: around €500
  • Founding of a private limited company (Ltd.) and formulation of contract: around €1000
  • Correspondence with creditors: €150/h
  • Accompaniment to authorities: €150/h

We would be happy to book an all-in-one package for you, for which a special price can be discussed.

For any questions, get in touch with Whitelaw!