After the debts. After a UK bankruptcy: your prospects

It’s not just debts that are important. You’re starting to build your professional career from scratch again. Shape your new debt-free start while you’re going through with bankruptcy. Whitelaw will help you.

When it comes to debts, a UK personal bankruptcy is the best chance for a new beginning. Fast, unbureaucratic and long lasting, you can break down your debts. Put your energy into reshaping your future during the bankruptcy. Despite debts and insolvency there are lots of options!

Your prospects after being freed from debt

This includes avoiding a secondary German bankruptcy. We will provide you with experienced German speaking bankruptcy lawyers. Three months after the UK insolvency you will be deleted from the debt register. You will be able to return home unencumbered, stay in the UK or start afresh without debts anywhere in the world.

We will look together for employment for you in the UK during your bankruptcy. Or would you prefer to found your own company during the bankruptcy, or restructure your old company into a UK Limited Company (Ltd.)?

With regards to founding a company before your release from debt we can offer the following:

  • Founding of a UK Ltd company. You can provide yourself with employment through this.
  • Record the company with Companies House making it a registered office
  • British witnesses to the company’s founding documents and their translation (including the Commercial Register)
  • Opening of a UK bank account
  • Recruitment of a secretary for formal responsibility of the company and recruitment of a director

Or do you need help with trustees or employment contracts?

  • Appointment of your spouse as Company Director/sole shareholder as well as your recruitment as an employee within your UK Ltd. This would mean only your salary could be liquidated and not the company’s profits.
  • Opening of a bank account for your UK Ltd (including online banking and bank card)
  • Support with UK business and tax law
  • Founding of a German office
  • Cooperation with UK tax advisors, specialist (bankruptcy) lawyers

After the UK bankruptcy you will be without debts and free to do as you wish. We’ll help you with our ideas and experience!

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