EU bankruptcies in the UK – Our services, our expertise

You can organise your life according to this schedule, before, during and after your EU bankruptcy. Use our expertise!

Together with our clients, we work on basic strategies for EU bankruptcies. We will accompany you every step of the way and introduce you to an EU insolvency in the UK according to EU law.

In the UK and your country of residence we will start out by looking at the whole EU bankruptcy process and help you with issues which are important for an EU bankruptcy process in the UK:

  • Transfer of main place of residence to the UK and immediate provision of a new address according to EU law
  • Completion of all formalities, including: registration with water, gas, electric, telephone service providers as well as the local council
  • Selection of a residence for rent
  • Receipt of a national insurance number (NI number)
  • Accompaniment to bank meetings and the opening of a personal bank account in the UK
  • Completion of an EU bankruptcy application, accompaniment to a insolvency court in the UK
  • Contacts with lawyers, intermediaries, service providers, authorities etc
  • Guarantee of your assets despite the EU bankruptcy
  • And many more services…

new job, new company, new ideas, new prospects…

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