Life without debts – Personal bankruptcy in the UK

The European Union has created legal frameworks allowing personal bankruptcy to be undertaken outside an individual’s country of residence. This is a freedom open to all Europeans.

It can happen to anyone. Accident, sickness and death, separation from a spouse, bank and financial liabilities, unemployment…..You would struggle to insure yourself against all potential causes of debt, let alone forsee them. Even if you start out without any debt, you can soon find yourself in a financially precarious situation. Debts can’t be settled, build up, spiral out of control and finally personal insolvency threatens. It can take people years to start afresh, if they can at all.

Bankruptcy laws within Europe vary. Personal bankruptcies in Germany are lengthy, bureaucratic and debt relief orders have limitations. Extremely high charges over many years, debts remain and your fresh start is always uncertain.

Personal bankruptcy in the UK- make a fresh start

A personal bankruptcy in the UK is fast, unbureaucratic and debt relief orders are without catches. Use personal bankruptcy in the UK to your advantage with Whitelaw. Start your turnaround!

Since 2001, you can carry out a personal bankruptcy in other EU countries. So choose the system that offers the best chance to break down your debts: personal bankruptcy in the UK. It is almost always the best alternative to insolvency in your own country.

The advantages: Personal bankruptcy in the UK focuses on the debtor and releasing him from debt. The way in the UK is designed to quickly make you employable and able to pay tax again. The belief in the UK is that when it comes to debt, everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why personal bankruptcy in the UK is:

  • fast: after one year all debts are waived
  • unbureaucratic
  • the far-reaching debt relief order is guaranteed
  • after 3 months your details are deleted from the debt register

Personal bankruptcy in the UK opens up a lot of doors. Even if you’re not threatened by personal insolvency, a personal bankruptcy in the UK can be useful to you. To release yourself from debt and liabilities quickly, a personal bankruptcy in the UK is worth considering.

Within just a year you’ll be debtfree with everything under control and will be able to do a lot more, far more effectively. Whitelaw will help you do it!

Our clients

Many clients could not belive, how simple the system of personal bankruptcy in the UK is. But all of our clients have freed themselves from debt through personal bankruptcy in the UK and managed to make a fresh start.

Every journey comes with debt-related risk. Our clients are primarily businessmen, freelancers and the self-employed, all with debts. Failed property purchases, investments as well as bank and tax office liabilities are often the original cause of debt.

Through personal bankruptcy in the UK we work together to turn your life around­ – without the old debts, but instead with new projects and ambitions.

About us

Whitelaw knows how much debts can weigh you down. Being financially handicapped can overshadow your life. We can stop that from happening.

By choosing Whitelaw you’re choosing years of experience of personal bankruptcy in the UK and of debt-related issues. We would like to offer this experience to you. We are a voluntary network of British experts with a German background, with headquarters in the UK.

Whitelaw will accompany you through an important transitional phase; and gladly go beyond. Consider the possibility of a personal bankruptcy in the UK to sort out your debts.

We’ll be at your side to help with the following

Whitelaw is an expert when it comes to debt and personal bankruptcy in Great Britain. We can help you too, if:

  • You have bank debts
  • You’re worried you can’t get any credit
  • Your first debt problems appear
  • Your company is going through debts and crisis (by linking you to our sister company

Take your future in your hands. Be impressed by the advantages of personal bankruptcy in the UK when dealing with debts. We’ve especially compiled detailed information on personal bankruptcy in the UK. You will undoubtedly have questions on personal bankruptcy in the UK and your own debt situation.

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